About US

We're in business because we want to be, not because we have to be.
ChhayPhoto is the result of a desire to share a passion. I started ChhayPhoto because I love photography and I love the way capturing moments, and the joy that reliving those precious moments makes everyone feel. So I felt that I could provide a fair and honest service doing so. For the most part, the "we" in ChhayPhoto is me, Rithy Chhay. Although I do work with other photograhers to cover events that require more than one professional photographer.

We're a local business.
ChhayPhoto is a Maryland-based business. We live in and support the local community. All of our prints are created in Maryland using a local professional development lab. We also proudly serve our neighboring states as well, but Maryland will always be home.

We love technology.
We pride ourselves on the fact that we understand how technology helps us live better lives. We use technology to enable us to be as efficient as possible. Digital photography has been a revolution to the photography industry allowing photographers like us to create fantastic photographs and prints in almost no time at all.

About the Owner: Rithy Chhay
I've lived in Maryland nearly my entire life. I'm happily married and live in Silver Spring. I went to high school in Silver Spring then went to college at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. When I'm not working as a photographer, I work as software engineer.